11 Breeds That Are Good For Families

What dog breeds make the best family pets?

If you have a family, particularly with younger children, it’s important to make sure that the dog breed you choose is suited to that life.

Although there will always be individual dog differences, some breeds are much better fits for family life with children.

Benefits of owning a dog

Best Family Dogs

You should always research dog ownership fully before making a commitment. It’s even more the case when you have unique needs such as a busy lifestyle or little children to consider.

All you need to know before offering a dog a home

Many breeds are excellent family dogs, it’s important to also make sure they’re suited to your lifestyle. For example, a Labrador Retriever will prefer an active lifestyle, whereas a Basset Hound would far prefer to snooze the day away on your sofa.

1. Golden Retriever

Well-known for enjoying active family life and their devoted loyalty to those they love.

They are calm-natured pets who will shower their humans with love and devotion but can get bored easily.

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2. Labrador Retriever

Labs are friendly, active, and often very intelligent. Just like their Golden Retriever cousins, they will thrive in an active family that is happy to include them as much as possible.  

It’s no surprise that they have earned the title ‘The Most Popular Family Dog’ in the US many times.

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3. Pug

With their wrinkly and expressive faces, it’s easy to see why they are a firm British breed favourite.

They are well-known for their great sense of humour and will love to make their owners laugh.

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4. French Bulldog

An ideal miniature companion for first-time owners. As dogs, a French Bulldog is great family-friendly dog.

They are quite easygoing and will happily share their home with children or other pets.

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5. Beagle

This highly sociable breed makes great companions and often has a big personality.

Although, they are known to sometimes be quite stubborn and so you may need to put in the extra effort with training.

Check out our guide for positive puppy training for tips!

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6. Border Collie

If you’re a confident or experienced dog owner, a Collie makes a perfect pet.

They thrive in loving, active, and outdoorsy households and will gladly join you when you’re exploring.

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7. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This breed has a stunning appearance and is generally a little bundle of joy. One of the reasons they’re such a popular breed is that they are usually one of the nicest dogs around.

They’ll happily share their love with their family, other pets and even those they haven’t met before.

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Other dog-friendly puppy breeds

8. Maltese

A tiny affectionate little breed that’s a good fit for those who suffer from a dog allergy.

This gentle breed is a perfect option for inexperienced or unconfident dog owners.

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9. Cocker Spaniel

They are an ideal choice for first-time dog owners as they’re generally easy to train and pretty easy going.

Cockers have a gentle and energetic temperament and will always be happy to see their family

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10. Bichon Frise 

This ‘Toy’ breed of dog loves to be in the limelight and will happily learn tricks to entertain their family.

They are well known for their distinctive white curly coats and tiny stature

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11. Boxer

A protective puppy that has plenty of personality! They are well known for their cheeky sense of humour.

They will thrive being surrounded with a family that has children as they love to be sociable and entertained.

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It’s important that you research all aspects of owning a pooch, from which breeds suit your lifestyle to how to settle a puppy in their new home

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