Buyer's Checklist - Essential Puppy Buying Guide

Expert Puppy Buying Advice

Here are some tips to help ensure you are buying your puppy from a reputable breeder.

Remember, never make a purchase for a puppy or dog unless you are completely satisfied that person advertising fulfils the criteria as outlined below and that they follow the PAAG Minimum Standards. Refer to: PAAG

  • Contact the breeder.

Speak to the breeder and ask lots of questions about the puppy and the puppy’s mother and father. Beware of corresponding only via texts and emails as scam breeders will want to avoid speaking to you. Do your research on the breed first to be sure it suits your lifestyle. A good breeder will be happy to spend time chatting to you – not least to find out if you are likely to be suitable owners!


  • Visit the breeder.

You should always visit the breeder’s home to see the puppy with its mother. Beware of any advertiser who will not allow you to see the puppy with its mother. If a visit is not possible for any reason, always request a video call with the breeder and make sure you are able to see mum with her litter in the breeder’s environment.

  • Photographs and videos.

Beware of breeders who do not want you to visit their home or who are reluctant to take a video call and remember that pictures may have been uploaded from other sites and may not be genuine. These may be scammers seeking large deposits with no actual puppy to sell.

  • Take time to decide.

The breeder should be happy for you to think before you commit to a purchase. Avoid any breeder who tries to pressure you into buying. Beware of breeders asking for large deposits. 

  • Age and Microchipping.

Puppies must be at least 8 weeks old before they are able to leave for their forever homes. It is a legal requirement for all dogs over the age of 8 weeks to be microchipped. Please check that the breeder has microchipped your puppy before you take your puppy home.

  • Paperwork.

It is important to know what paperwork to expect. The breeder should give you a puppy contract to sign which should contain both yours and the breeder’s details.

You should also receive your puppy’s microchip details, information about vaccination, worming and flea treatment, along with notification about when these treatments are next due. You should also receive confirmation of registration with the Kennel Club if this is relevant to your puppy.

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