Celebrating Christmas with Canines – Christmas Pet Safety Guide

Christmas is a time where you should be celebrating. Learn here how to do it safely with your pet.

Most owners consider their dogs as another family member – so it’s important to make sure they’re forever protected this festive period.

We’ve put together some things you should look out for.

Including some things that new pet owners may not realise could be a danger to your dog.

  • Dog Christmas Tree Safe

Is there such thing as a dog safe Christmas tree? Well, you can get trees which only begin halfway up. This is meant to discourage little pets from climbing your tree and getting stuck.

It’s only natural that your canine will be curious about this new thing in their home. They’ll want to explore it, so make sure that the base is well anchored to avoid it falling on your pet.

With natural Christmas trees, you will get a lot of pine needle fallout. You should hoover often to avoid a pine needle getting stuck in your pet’s paw or even ingested. If they eat too many it can cause irritation so never leave your pet unattended with a Christmas tree if you can help it.


  • Christmas Decoration Safety

Decorating with Christmas fairly lights has become a pretty standard staple to most festive homes. The wires should be kept out of reach and hidden where possible to prevent your pet chewing the cables.

Breakable Christmas ornaments like snow globes or crystal tree ornaments should be kept out of reach. If they break, you should clear your canine from the room during clean up. They can leave behind sharp shards so always make sure to thoroughly sweep and hoover the area.

Did you know?

Snow globes often contain antifreeze which is hazardous to dogs. So make sure to keep them out of reach of the wagging tails. 

  • Wrapping paper/ presents

The main tip is to keep any presents that smell good away from your pooch. Think things like soaps and candles as well as edible food.

Wrapping paper itself can also be dangerous so always keep presents out of reach. Make sure to collect any ripped paper too before your dog can chew or shred it.

  • Christmas Treats

A lot of the food that we enjoy at Christmas, from mince pies to onion gravy can actually be unsafe for your pets to consume. Make sure to keep any plates of food well out of the way of your dog and never leave them unattended where you can help it.

Sweet treats like chocolate and sweets are also dangerous for your dog if consumed. Watch your pet carefully if they’re in the presence of food they can get to.

  • Festive plants (think Holly or Mistletoe)

Not only are the leaves often sharp and unpleasant if they come into contact with your dog, but they can also give them very nasty tummy troubles.

If possible, opt instead for artificial festive foliage or pet safe ones. Always keep them out of reach and consult a vet immediately if you suspect they’ve consumed any.


Keeping your pet happy at Christmas

It’s not just physical dangers that could present, but also mental ones. There are many things which might get your pooch feeling overwhelmed like:

  • Loud noises (fireworks or party poppers)
  • New people
  • Changes of routine.

It’s always best to make time for your dog and not ignore their routine at Christmas. Take them for walks when it’s safe, wearing reflective material if you’re venturing out when it’s dark.

Giving your pet a safe quiet space to retreat to is also a good idea. If they are feeling overwhelmed they can escape the noise, smells and sights for a while.

Keep your Forever Puppy safe this Christmas.

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