Why advertise with us?

Since our launch, we have gained traction significantly and have attracted many breeders, sellers and buyers from throughout the UK! 

From zero to more than 10 million page views

  • In less than 12 months, we've gained over 900,000 users and over 10 million page views. All of these views are from intentful puppy and dog buyers - and the numbers are still growing daily! 

Specialised Service

  • Since we specialise in dogs and no other house pets, you won't get any viewers who are not interested in your listing - unless they want a different breed!

Complete Control

  • You have complete control over your advert - including unlimited edits, and the opportunity to distinguish yourself as a licensed breeder.

Selling tools

  • Our website uses 'boosts' to help place your advert on the top of the page! We've found out that with each boost that you use, your advert will get upto x10 more views from intentful buyers!

      With each advert you list, you will get free boosts to use to help get your puppy in front of more people.   

Better buying experience

  • Unlike other pet listing websites, we have minimal advertisements on our website because we know how irritating they can be! Our aim is to ensure the users have the best experience on our website - all to ensure that your puppy finds their forever home!

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