Forever Pug

Are you looking for plenty of personality in your pup? Then look no further.

With their wrinkly and expressive faces – it’s not hard to see why this pup ranks as one of the UK’s favourite breeds.

Because of their worldwide popularity, they are often called by many different names. Including ‘Doguillo’ (in Spain), ‘Mops’ (in German) and Mopsi (in Finland).

The pug is a small dog that has a lovely laptop temperament and can get along with most people and pets. They are known to be the clowns of the canine world as they often have a great sense of humour.


Did you know?

They are actually one of the oldest breeds, originating in 400 B.C. 


Their status as highly regarded pets has been prevalent throughout history.

Many historians believe that they originated in China and were actually lapdogs for Chinese emperors.

Chinese emperors regarded the pups so highly, that you were only able to own one as an 'outsider' if you were given the breed as a gift. It's even been recorded that they had guards and servents to look after their health and safety. 

Did you know?

The Freemasons actually used the ‘Pug’ as their symbol, calling themselves ‘Order of the Pug’ (1740).


Things to consider
  • They are sensitive to extreme temperatures. Due to their small body surface and nose, they are prone to overheating and don’t respond well to cold either.
  • They can be difficult to train because they can be easily distracted.
  • They will eat nearly anything – so be careful not to leave anything out that shouldn’t be consumed by a dog.


Overall, they are fantastic characters and can be very affectionate and intelligent little dogs. They would be a great addition to an existing doggy family or even a solo pet.

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