How to check a puppy buyer is serious

Evaluating potential puppy buyers

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There is a lot of information on the internet about judging breeders, but very little on how puppy breeders can evaluate prospective dog buyers.

A dog is for life

It’s hugely important to make sure that potential puppy buyers are ready to own a pet. With many dog lovers naming their canine companion as family or their best friend, it’s important to make sure that it’s a good fit.

Although it can be exciting for buyers to find the perfect puppy, it’s a huge commitment to take a new pet into your home.

Aside from the initial monetary and time investment, there are ongoing things to consider too. Such as buying pet insurance, feeding your puppy, grooming needs of your pet and also things like training and daily exercise.

Guide for puppy buyers about choosing a new dog

How can you tell if a dog buyer is serious?

1. That the potential owner has the means to meet their new dog’s health needs.

This goes for both time and financial means. Settling a new puppy into their new home is crucial for a well adjusted dog.

2. They've done their homework on both the breed and general dog care

There will always be individual differences, but there are breed generalisations which affect the types of owners they suit. Some dogs are much larger and need plenty of space (and exercise), whereas others are much more content to be lap dogs with a 30 minute daily walk.

Information on dog breeds

Handy buyer guide for puppy health and well-being

3. They ask plenty of questions and want to see the mother with their potential new puppy.

This shows that the buyer is invested in the well-being of the puppy and is serious about buying a new pet.

4. They are more than happy to answer any questions

Whether you're looking to get an idea of their home life, their level of puppy preperation or just their backgrounds. Buyers should be happy to answer any (and all) suitable questions that you have. 

5. Their home is ready for their new furry friend.

This again shows that they've thought about this decision and it's not something they are doing on a whim. For example, a fenced in garden and anything dangerous has been hidden or is out of reach.

6. They are happy to place a deposit to secure their furry friend.

This shows that they are serious about their decision and are more unlikely to change their mind at a later date. It also helps show that they have the financial means to care for their new puppy. 

7. They are honest and upfront about situations.

As a breeder, it's your prerogative to decline selling a puppy to a buyer who you don't think is suitable. 

There may be opportunities to educate prospective puppy buyers so that they can change things to make a situation more ideal for a new dog. However, lying about situations is a clear red flag.

Puppy buyer red flags

We've covered good signs that the buyer is serious, but there are also many things that can act as warning bells. 

  • The buyer is in a hurry and avoids contact where possible. 
  • They don’t want to co-sign any contracts with you.
  • They are looking for a breeding pair.
  • They haven’t done their research on their breed of choice.
  • It’s clear that they don’t have the financial means to buy and look after the puppy
  • They refuse to keep in contact with you after picking up their puppy.
  • They want to take the puppy before the mandatory 8 weeks.
  • They are repeatedly caught in lies and it's clear they aren't being honest. 

How Forever Puppy protects you

Take the time to evaluate buyers

Making sure that you make the extra effort means your puppies are more likely to be happy in their forever homes.

Going the extra mile can make a huge difference for your little puppies. 

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