Forever French Bulldogs

Forever French Bulldogs

Looking for the perfect miniature companion? Then the French Bulldog may be ideal for you!

They are a great first-time per parent choice as they are beautiful family friendly pups. Typically, they do not need as much exercise as more energetic breeds and therefore suit flat living.

Make sure to still stretch their little legs with daily walks! It’s important to keep an eye on Frenchies near sources of water as they are actually not able to swim due to their short frame and larger head.

Reasons to Favour Frenchies:

  • Generally considered to be easy to please – they tolerate being alone for periods of time while their owner works.
  • They tend to play well with other animals. Twycross Zoo actually found that Bugsy their French Bulldog stepped in to help care for a baby orangutan that was abandoned by its mother.
  • They are a perfect people pleasing pooch who often have great personalities. They tend to be a very entertaining pet when they aren't snoozing. 
  • They tolerate environments that other dogs wouldn’t, icluding high or low weather temperatures.


Did you know?

Bred to provide a miniature version of a bulldog. They earned the moniker ‘Frenchie’ as British lacemakers frequently brought them along to trips to France.

Things to consider when choosing a French Bulldog:

  • Always watch them around water sources!
  • Due to their shorter snout, this breed can experience breathing problems. It’s important to have a good pet health insurance.
  • Many airlines actually ban them flying with them due to their breathing issues.
  • French bulldogs can have digestive issues and are notorious for gas!

It can be a pleasure to own the French Bulldog as a pet – this breed is known to be kind, loving and often humorous.

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