13 Dog-friendly Puppy Breeds

Which dog breeds are more likely to get along with existing dogs?

Here at Forever Puppy, we understand the desire to fill your home with furry friends. Our canine companions become family members and best friends, helping to enrich our lives.

Benefits of owning a dog

But if you are already an existing dog owner then you need to make sure any new pooch will fit in with your existing pets. This means that both your existing dog and new puppy both need to be willing to share their space with another animal.

Have a cat instead of a canine? Check out or guide for the best dog breeds for cat owners.

Are there dogs that won’t get along with other pets?

There will always be individual differences in dogs. Even if a breed is more likely to enjoy or not enjoy something, an individual dog may go against the grain.

Socialisation and thorough training will help encourage your new puppy to get along with existing dog pets. But there are some breeds that tend not to enjoy sharing the household with another pet.

13 Dog Friendly Puppy Breeds

These little pups have huge characters and make fantastic caring companions. Although they can be stubborn when it comes to training so need a patient owner who is willing to work with them.  

It's easy to see why Beagles are considered a firm family favourite.

Beagle puppies for sale.

Guide on the Beagle breed.


Boston Terrier's are friendly and energetic canines. If you're looking for a cheery companion then Bostons are a great choice. 

Bostons are well known for getting along with other pets (even cats). 

Boston Terrier puppies for sale.


Cavlier King Charles Spaniels are popular because of their sweet, gentle and loyal nature. 

They're more than happy to live in either a city or a country setting. 

Cavalier puppies for sale.


Intelligent, lovely and great for dog allergy sufferers - the Cockerpoo breed has it all.

Extremely social dogs, they suit multiple pet households well.

Cockerpoo puppies for sale.

Forever Puppy guide on Cockerpoos


Cocker Spaniels make great pets for first time dog owners. Cockers are easy to train and easy going with families or other pets.

They respond particularly well with gentle, consistent and patient training. Get positive puppy training tips here.

Cocker Spaniel puppies for sale.

Forever Puppy guide on Cocker Spaniels


Stunning guard dogs and great exercise companions for active households. They'll thrive if their humans allow them to be hiking and jogging partners. 

Dals are a friendly and outgoing dog breed that fit in well with other dogs. 

Dalmation puppies for sale. 

Forever Puppy guide on Dalmations.


French bulldogs make a wonderful choice for first time puppy parents. They're a pretty adapatible dog breed - happy to live in houses or flats. 

Frenchies tend to make very easy-going and tolerant animals. 

French Bulldog puppies for sale.

Forever Puppy guide on French Bulldogs


Regarded as gentle giants - the Great Dane is considered affectionate and midly playful. 

Great Dane's make great guard dogs and will happily share their home with other animals. 

Great Dane puppies for sale.


Loving, loyal and active pets. Golden Retriever's are fan favourites and it's easy to understand why. 

If properly socialised, they have no problems fitting in with families and existing pets. 

Golden Retriever puppies for sale.

Forever Puppy guide on Golden Retrievers. 


They adore being in the spotlight and are quite happy to learn tricks from a confident trainer. These known diggers are highly protective of their owners.

Fearless and affectionate furry friends. 

Jack Russel puppies for sale

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Affectionately described as a large dog trapped inside a small dog's body. They are feisty, self-reliant, and occasionally described as excitable. 

However, this breed can become more temperamental as they age.

Scottish Terrier puppies for sale.


West Highland Terriers are described as gentle and affectionate family dogs. They thrive in either the coutnryside or city as long as they are getting adequate exercise. 

With a strong desire to please, it makes them a popular option among first-time dog owners. 

West Highland White Terrier puppies for sale. 


Whippets enjoy both being active and exercising as well as cuddling up on the sofa. They are known for being gentle and calma and often form strong bonds with their owners. 

An ideal option for first time dog-owners who are willing to be patient.

Whippet puppies for sale.

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