All you need to know before offering a dog a home

Owning a pet offers a host of benefits.

Happy puppy owner enjoying snuggling with their new dog.Before adopting or buying a dog it’s important to make sure that it’s a responsible choice. We’ve put together some handy puppy preparation guides, which covers things like advice on collecting your new puppy and prepping your home for your new pooch.

What do you need to know to protect yourself and new dog?

Here at Forever Puppy, we pride ourselves on putting our pets first. The idea behind our website was to provide a safe place where puppies and dogs can find their forever homes with loving, caring, and responsible owners.


  • Step 1 – Choose the right breed for you.

Although all dogs are equally lovely, not all dog breeds will suit your lifestyle. Some breeds need extra attention whilst others need extra space.

Some will enjoy spending their whole day snuggled up on the sofa whilst others want to live an active lifestyle.

To help make the decision easier, we regularly post ‘Breeds of the week’ where we cover everything from the Golden Retriever to the Cavapoo.

  • Step 2 – Make sure the breeder/seller is reputable

Always make sure to buy your puppy or rehome your dog from a reputable seller/breeder. We recommend reading through the PAAG Minimum Standards to make sure that the person advertising is fulfilling the criteria outlined.

  • Step 3 – Look at their puppy/dog photos

All adverts should show a picture of the puppy’s mother (if for sale) and clear photos displaying the dog (if for rehome).

Make sure to pay attention to the backgrounds of the images as this will often give you a good idea of the care the seller or breeder may be taking with the dogs.

  • Step 4 - Ask plenty of questions

Before committing to a purchase, ideally always speak to the seller or breeder via telephone. A good breeder will be happy to talk through your questions - this actually helps them make sure their pooch is going to a good home!

  • Step 5 – Visit/Video Call

Ideally, you should always visit your new puppy/dog before committing to a purchase or rehome. On your visit, always make sure to ask to see the puppy’s mother. The dogs should be in the same area as the seller.

If a breeder or seller doesn’t want to video call with you or isn’t willing for you to visit, then this should be a warning sign.  

  • Step 6 – Microchipping

It’s now a legal requirement for all dogs over 8 weeks of age to be microchipped. As all puppies should be at least 8 weeks of age before leaving for their new homes, your new dog should have one. Always ask for microchip details when picking up your new dog.

  • Step 7 – Paperwork

All breeders should provide you with a contract to sign. This contract should contain both your details and the sellers.

Other paperwork you should receive with your new dog includes:

-Vaccination information
-Worming/Flea treatment information
-Notification of when the next worming/flea treatment is due.
-Kennel Club registration (if relevant to your dog).

  • Step 8 - Keep an eye on your new puppy

Your new pooch is likely to be a bit wary and stressed at their sudden change in environments. It important to keep a close eye on their behaviour to monitor for distress. 

Most reputable puppy sellers or breeders will offer you something with the mother's scent on as this will naturally calm puppies.

Read our guide for helping a puppy settle into their new home. 

We work hard at Forever Puppy to make this a pet safe environment.
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