6 breeds that are best for those with a busy schedule!

A dog is for life not just for Christmas.

So, it’s important to find the perfect puppy for you.

Your new Forever Puppy needs to be right for your home size, situation (kids and other pets), and your schedule.

Some dogs are very high maintenance and do not deal well at all with being left alone for periods of time.

We’ve put together some dogs that are great for a canine companion to suit those with a busy lifestyle.


Basset Hound Image in Forest1. Basset hound

This breed is ideal for those living in flats avas they are normally not very active. They will spend most of the day lounging and sleeping and are known for being a large lap dog.

You’ll need to be careful to keep their ears clean and ensure that they have a healthy diet to stop them from becoming overweight.

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2. Chihuahua 

This tiny dog is usually happy to be left alone during the day, but they are best suited in pairs so that they have doggy friends.

It’s important to socialise your Chihuahua well to ensure that they do not live up to a reputation of being aggressive.

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3. French Bulldog

Frenchies are fantastic family dogs that only usually require moderate daily exercise. They tend to have lots of energy – but not much endurance. They also have minimal grooming needs and tend to be quite easy to train.

They are more likely to suffer with skin issues and breathing problems due to their shorter muzzle.

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4. Greyhound 

Contrary to popular belief, these gorgeous large dogs are often couch potatoes. They love to spend their day snoozing while they wait for you to come home.

They will be happiest if you allocate some time for good walks and run off lead in your local dog-friendly park. However, they can be bad at running off if not properly trained.

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5. Maltese 

This furry friend will happily spend the day napping while they wait for you to come home. They are usually quite well behaved and so your furniture is likely to survive being left alone with your new pet.

They do need to be groomed well regularly as their long fur can be prone to matting.

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6. Shar Pei

If you work all day but are still looking for a dog best friend, then a Shar Pei might be ideal for you! They are known to be incredibly loyal and quite independent with only moderate exercise needs.

However, it’s extremely important that they are well socialised to ensure they live up to their title of being great family pets and guard dogs.

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You still need to make sure that you are caring for your independent dog’s basic needs for love and affection, exercise, and grooming.


Getting a puppy is a decision that needs to be thought through carefully. Let us take the hard work out of fact finding. To take advantage of our expert knowledge and read our guides, click here.

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