Forever Beagles

Forever.... Beagles

We are passionate about educating new puppy owners who are looking for the perfect pooch for them.

Therefore, each week, we will be picking a breed to focus on to help you choose the canine companion for you. 

Anybody who has ever owned a Beagle will tell you, these dogs are huge characters. They're highly sociable and make wonderfully caring companions. 

Originally bred as scent hounds to track small game, they have a superior sense of smell and a dogged determination to follow their noses – wherever it may lead them!

It’s easy to see why Beagles are considered a firm family favourite. However, they are renowned for sometimes being a little tricky to train as they can sometimes be stubborn. That said, the more you get to know your Beagle, the better you will understand them. And the more you understand them, the better the training experience is likely to be.

Our Recommendations:

  • Take time to read up on Beagles as a breed and their characteristics.
  • Beagles are independent by nature - so teaching them the command 'come' at an early age can help bring them back to you when they're off following their nose. 
  • Take time with any training, praise often and remain consistent in your approach. 
  • Remember that their super sensitive snouts are often the reason why they appear to have a short attention span. They are often not being disobedient but are simply following their nose as they've been bred to. 
  • Beagles should have up to 1 hour exercise a day to keep them happy. 
  • Groom regularly to remove any dead hairs and to help bond with your Beagle.


We hope this has helped you with finding your perfect Forever Puppy. 
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