Puppy Buyer Questionnaire for Dog Sellers to Use

Puppy Buyer Application Form

So, you’ve got a litter of puppies to sell. You lovingly raised them since they were born, and now you want them to find the perfect home.

To make sure that your puppy finds their forever home, you need to check that the prospective puppy parent is right for your dog.

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Why is it important to qualify prospective puppy buyers?

Puppy ownersBuying or adopting a puppy is a big commitment. It’s not something that should be done on a whim. Puppy buyers need to make sure that their home, lifestyle, and even family are suited to owning a dog.

Other important things for them to consider are whether they have enough space in their home and time in their schedule to make sure that their dog gets enough exercise.

They also need to make sure that their budget allows for all the necessities of dog ownership. From food and beds to pet insurance. It’s important that they understand what they’re taking on when buying a pet.

As well as a general understanding of a dog’s needs, puppy buyers must also research the breed they’re looking to buy. As you know, not all dog breeds suit all homes.   

It’s your job as a dog breeder to make sure that every box is checked for your puppy so that it will have the best chance of a perfect home. And a puppy buyer questionnaire is an easy way of doing that.

How to ethically breed puppies

General Prospective Puppy Buyer Questions

You should always ask for full contact information from your puppy buyer. Even if it’s not a requirement of registration for your puppy. And yes, even if the prospective parents have always come to your home.

Things like full name, phone number, email address and addresses should be general things you always ask.

How to check if a puppy buyer is serious
Questions to ask prospective puppy parentsdog owner questions
  1. Is the dog for you or for someone else?
  2. Why do you want a dog?
  3. Have you ever owned a dog before?
    1. If yes, ask for details like breed and whether they still live with them.
  4. Are there any children at the property or ones that visit regularly?
  5. Are there any allergies in the home?
  6. Have you or anyone else in the home ever been charged with animal cruelty?
    1. If yes, please explain. (Be open-minded as there may have been a false claim. However, it’s best to ask for a referral if the answer is yes to validate their answer.)
  7. Have you considered whether you want a female or male dog?
    1. Why?
  8. What are you looking for in a dog? Examples of answers they might give could be breeding, show, obedience, sport, working dog, companionship etc.
  9. Do you know which vet you’ll be registering your dog with?
Breed-specific puppy buyer questionnaire
  1. Have you ever owned a {breed name} before?
  2. What made you decide to choose {breed name} as the right breed for you? (It’s good to ask them if they ever considered another breed too!)
  3. Do you understand the specifics of caring for a {breed name}? (Make sure to mention specific details about their care e.g., high grooming needs or high activity needs.)
  4. How would you describe your household activity levels? (This is to make sure that their activity levels match the breed in question, whether high or low.)
  5. What type of home do you live in? (It’s important to make sure that their home suits the breed they’ve chosen.)

Finding your puppy a suitable home

Although this might seem like a long list of questions, if a prospective puppy parent is truly interested in owning your puppy, then they won’t mind answering them.

It’s worth taking the extra effort and time to run through these questions to make sure they really are the perfect home.

A prospective puppy parent might be a brilliant dog owner, but they might not suit your breed.

How do I give my puppies the best chance of selling?
Should I visit prospective dog owners’ homes?

It’s worth at least asking to see their home to make sure everything is as described.

If the new dog owners live far away from you, offering a video call for them to meet your puppies is a good opportunity to do this. It allows both the prospective owner and you to make sure that it’s a good fit.  

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