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We at Forever Puppy are fully committed to creating a community where genuine, responsible and ethical sellers can advertise their healthy, well-socialised puppies and dogs which have been bred in good welfare conditions.

While we do our utmost to prevent scammers from using the Forever Puppy website, we cannot guarantee that all adverts are placed by genuine people. There are, unfortunately, some unscrupulous people out there who are operating sophisticated schemes to scam innocent and unsuspecting dog lovers looking for a new pet. Help us to beat the scammers by following some simple steps when contacting advertisers.

For advice on what to look for when buying a puppy or dog, visit our Buyers’ Guide in the Guides section of the website.

Puppy Buying Tips

  • Always visit the advertiser in their home and ask to see the puppy with its mother. Never pay for a puppy you have not actually seen
  • Beware of sellers who ask for big deposits
  • Make payments in person and avoid services such as Paypal
  • Get a receipt of any and all payments
  • Ensure you receive all the necessary paperwork such as Microchip documentation, Vaccination records , information about worming and flea treatments, as well as any Kennel Club registration if relevant. Remember, all puppies must be Microchipped before sale.

What you need to know before offering a dog a home

How Forever Puppy protects you!

Forever Puppy is run by a small and dedicated team. We regularly check adverts for compliance with UK dog breeding regulations and any adverts found to be in breach of these regulations are removed.

We follow the Pet Advertising Advisory Group’s (PAAG) minimum standards and we also rely upon our website users to assist us wherever possible.

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