Forever Whippet

Looking for a pet who will enjoy both being active and cuddling up on the sofa?

The Whippet breed is known for being gentle, calm, and affectionate and form strong bonds with their owners. Although potentially shy at first, you’ll soon come to love their huge characters.

This medium-sized dog breed are ideal owners for patient first-time owners. Their size makes them easier to handle, although, be warned that training a Whippet pooch can take a little longer. They will benefit from early positive reward-based training to help them learn basic commands.

What does a Whippet look like?

Their frames are a combination of being built for power and speed whilst also being incredibly graceful. There is a reason why they are often favoured for use in the show ring.

Their height usually ranges between 44cms and 51cms. They are often described as a smaller version of the racing greyhound.

Did you know?

They have incredibly delicate skin and are known to suffer cuts and scrapes from twigs and thorns.


In terms of colours, the British Kennel Club recognises 40 breed standard colours. This includes red fawn, white, silver brindle, black and blue. Although they have a short coat length, they do shed so are not usually suitable for those with a dog allergy.

It’s important to keep your Whipper warm in Winter as they can be prone to being cold. Read our top tips to protecting your dog from cold weather.

A Whippet’s temperament

Originally thought to have been bred to race as a poor-man’s version of a Greyhound. They now will be more than happy to enjoy the comforts of domestic life. It’s recommended to give your Whippet a good run (up to 1 hour of exercise daily) – they will then happily spend the rest of the day snoozing on the sofa.

Did you know?

They earned the nickname of ‘lightning rag dog’ as they used to chase lures or rags and drag them into alleyways.


It’s important to socialise your Whipper early to ensure they have an even disposition and are not afraid of strangers. They make ideal canine companions and are frequently recommended for families with children due to them being calm and gentle. Suiting a household that is happy and able to include their pooch in everything.

However, due to their deep bonds with their families, they are considered quite prone to dog separation anxiety. Find out our top tips to help your dog cope with separation anxiety.

Did you know?

They can reach speeds of up to 56km/h! So, it’s important to make homes and gardens escape proof as they are prone to chase.

Overall, the Whippet is an ideal pet for owners who have the time to dedicate to them.

Happiest with a family who is happy to include both in their active lives and also when they retire to the sofa in the evening.

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