How to sell puppies: Advert types explained!

Forever Puppy dog selling advert types

Whether you’re a seasoned licensed dog breeder or a private puppy seller, we’ve put together some handy tools to help your pups find their Forever home.

Forever Puppy Selling Service

Forever Puppy was created to provide ethical puppy sellers with a safe space to sell their dogs online.

We are passionate about educating potential new dog owners so that every dog has a safe space when they meet their new family.

Handy dog-selling guides

Types of puppy selling accounts:

  • Licensed dog breeders

Anybody who breeds more than 2 puppy litters within a 12-month period should be licensed by their Local Authority.

You have the ability to set yourself apart on Forever Puppy by upgrading your puppy selling account. All you need to do is submit a copy of your Dog Breeder’s license to our team.

Once approved, your account will be upgraded.

  • Private puppy breeders

Legally you are allowed to breed a maximum of 2 litters within a 12-month period without applying to your local authority to become a licensed breeder.

As a puppy-selling marketplace, we actively monitor the number of puppy adverts on our website to ensure that buyers and ethical puppy sellers are protected as much as possible.

Forever Puppy dog selling features

Forever Puppy selling adverts explained:

Our website attracts a range of buyers, browsers, and sellers. From those looking to rehome their dogs to licensed dog breeders. Naturally, we’ve created several Forever Puppy advert types to suit the needs of the poster

  • Wanted Dog Adverts:

This is a place where users can list a wanted ad where they’re searching for something. Some of our wanted ads are looking for specific breeds of dog, others are looking for a treasured new pet.

It gives puppy browsers the ability to ask for what they’re looking for and indicate their budgets.

It’s also a great opportunity for owners looking to rehome their dogs for whatever reason, or private puppy sellers and licensed dog breeders to reach out to interested parties.

Cost: FREE
Duration: 12 weeks
Boosts: 3

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  • For Stud Dog Adverts:

This advert type allows male dog owners to list adverts offering their stud services.

Typically, it’s for dogs in the prime age for breeding and for purebreds.

Cost: £12.99 - £26.99
Duration: 3 months - 12 months

  • Rehome Dog Adverts:

Sometimes a change in circumstances means that a dog owner is unable to continue caring for their pet. Possible reasons might be anything from illness, a death of an owner or being unable to afford their care any longer.

Cost: £12.99 - £26.99 depending on the advert option
Duration: 12 weeks
Boosts: 3-18 free boosts depending on the advert option

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Puppy for Sale Adverts:

This advert type allows private puppy sellers and licensed dog breeders to list their puppy litter for sale.

You are able to add in details about your puppy litter including genders, ages, breed-related information, and also medical details.

If you’re looking to sell your puppies online, Forever Puppy is a great option that provides you with dog selling tools to boost your chances of selling your puppies.

It offers a great buying experience for dog browsers, offering a 3rd party advert-free site with access to informational guides and advice.  

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Paid Dog Advert Options:

Whether you’re looking to rehome your cherished pet or sell your litter of puppies online, we have given you 3 different advert options.

Each option has its own set of selling benefits and advertising features, making Forever Puppy suitable for anyone. Regardless of whether you're a dog owner whose pet has had puppies from a licensed breeder.

We’ve covered each ad type below, including their benefits and features.

How to make the best puppy-selling adverts
Standard Puppy Selling Advert

This option allows you to run your advert for 12 weeks with the potential to reach thousands of interested dog buyers.

You’ll have the ability to edit your advert, include pictures of your adorable puppies and even a cute video to show off their personality.

Cost: £12.99
Duration: 12 weeks
Boosts: 3

  • Great value for less than £1.09 per week!
  • Ability to choose auto boosts or manual boosts.
  • 3 free boosts for every advert.
Premium Puppy Selling Advert

Our premium advert option is our most popular one with our dog sellers. It’s a great option for getting your puppy advert noticed by interested buyers.

Your advert will show 1 large photo and 3 smaller ones which means you’re more likely to grab the attention of a browser.

Cost: £18.99
Duration: 12 weeks
Boosts: 9

  • Advert will appear in the Featured Adverts gallery for 7 days – giving you double the exposure.
  • Eye-catching to help you stand out from standard adverts
  • 9 free boosts with every advert!
Premium Plus Puppy Selling Advert:

This is our advert option that offers users the most of all advert types, so you get a bigger bang for your buck with twice as many boosts as the Premium option.

It also has more chance of catching a browser’s eye with a box outlining your advert. Interested browsers won’t be able to miss it!

Cost: £26.99
Duration: 12 weeks
Boosts: 18!

  • You get 18 FREE boosts with every advert bought, saving you money!
  • You have the most chance of being seen with a heavy outline around your advert.
  • You’ll stay in the Featured Adverts gallery for 14 days!
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Ready to sell your puppies...

Regardless of which advert type you need or which advert option you choose, we hope that your puppies find their happy Forever homes.

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