The benefit of boosting

Prime your puppy selling advert for success!

Here at Forever Puppy we are dedicated towards stopping pet scams, protecting puppies and providing the best dog selling service possible.

What is boosting?

To make sure that your puppy ad is in a prime position, we offer you the opportunity to boost to push your advert to the top of the page.

This means that you get your puppies in front of the most potential puppy buyers possible. You get free boosts with every advert and the option to buy more.

What difference does boosting your puppy advert make?

It can actually make a huge difference – especially when you boost at prime times! 

Popular times and days!

The website receives the most traffic between 7-9pm. On average, Sunday is our busiest day of the week. 


Sellers that used their boosts received on average 5 times more views when compared to similar un-boosted adverts.

How do I boost?

To boost your puppy selling advert, follow the easy steps below. 

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. On your dashboard, click 'Manage my ads'.
  3. All of your puppy adverts will be listed along with the number of free boosts you have remaining on each advert. 
  4. If you still have boosts available, you'll see a green 'Boost' button on the right hand side of your advert. 

And it's as easy as that!

Remember! You can add more boosts to your puppy selling account by clicking 'Buy boosts'.

Here at Forever Puppy we are dedicated towards protecting all of our users and their dogs.

Find out how Forever Puppy protects you here!



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