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Selling a puppy with us has never been easier!

We are passionate about creating a safe space online for responsible and ethical puppy sellers to find a forever home for their dogs.

Why advertise with Forever Puppy

How to sell your puppy online with us

Whether you’re a licenced breeder looking to sell his litter of puppies or looking to rehome your dog, Forever Puppy is the fastest growing dog marketplace.

We offer a range of different dog selling advert types designed to suit all budgets. With our cheapest option costing less than 85p every week!

Each advert type runs for 12 weeks to offer you plenty of time for your dogs to find their forever home.

How selling your puppy through Forever Puppy works


Forever Puppy Selling Features

  • Complete Control over your Puppy Advert

You will have complete control over the advert including unlimited edits.

You’ll be able to choose your own price, title, description, and images.

The only thing that is mandatory is an image of the mother of your puppy.

Tips to make the best puppy selling advert
  • Easily Share your Advert on Social Media

Make the most of your advert by easily sharing it on Facebook or Twitter.

This helps get the maximum amount of traction by showing it to your friends and followers on social media.

  • Option to Upload High-Quality Videos and Images

We’ve recently reinvested in Forever Puppy – you can now upload adorable puppy videos with every advert!

It’s a great opportunity to share how adorable your dogs are and hint at their personality.

You have the opportunity to upload as many high-quality images to show off your dog/dogs as you'd like. We usually recommend a maximum of 10.

Top 10 tips to record a great puppy video
  • Boost your Advert

To take advantage of our website visitors, you can choose to push your advert to the top of the page.

Each advert type comes with free boosts to use with the option to purchase more if you need them.

After speaking with puppy sellers, they’ve found boosting at the right time makes a huge difference to their puppy advert stats.

Read more about the benefit of boosting
  • Licensed breeder

Are you registered as a licenced breeder? You can apply to upgrade your selling account to distinguish to prospective buyers that you’re a breeder.

This can easily be done through our website, and we will come back to you quickly once we approve your application.

  • Communicate Easily with Prospective Puppy Buyers

We are committed to providing a safe space where puppies and dogs on our site can find their loving forever homes.

We understand that it’s important to be able to talk with interested parties to make sure they are suitable for adopting your dogs.

It also offers you the opportunity to make sure that they are serious before you invest more of your time.

Our easy-to-use messaging options give you control over your puppies.

How to check a puppy buyer is serious

Ready to sell your puppies online?

Help us make a community where ethical breeders and responsible potential puppy buyers can come together.

We are passionate about educating buyers and providing a positive buying and selling experience.

Ready to sell your puppy online?


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