Top 10 tips to record a great pet video

Easy to follow guide for shooting great videos of dogs

Whether you’re looking to share videos of your canine companion or are a dog breeder looking to show off your new pups, our easy tips and tricks will help make your pups a star.

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Top 10 tips to recording a great puppy video

1. Use a suitable camera

Choosing the right camera can make a huge difference in whatever you’re looking to record. There is nothing that spoils a great image or video more than a grainy quality.

Most phones these days come with great cameras already built in. However, if you’re looking to do it more professionally (either as a blogger or a licensed breeder), it might be worth considering professional equipment.

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2. Get them to show personality

Having your pooch show some of their personality helps make the video more memorable.

For example, a video showing your clumsy canine being themselves and bumping into something feels real, unscripted, and adorable.

It helps the video viewer connect with your pet whilst also feeling more “real”.

3. Try to capture a natural moment

Capturing something that feels real definitely helps the viewer feel more connected.

It’s always a good idea to start recording and let the camera run, even if it’s a blooper. You can return to edit the video at a later date.

It just allows you more time to capture the best segment of the video. Often you’ll find that the moments you weren’t expecting are the best parts.

4. Don’t forget about background noises

Never forget about the audio! Whether you’re keeping the original audio or overlaying sound effects and music it is incredibly important.

Always listen to the video first to try to understand the effect that the sound might have on the audience.

For example, having adorable little barks is a great example of audio. Whereas having your instructions loudly from behind the camera is not as great and could be removed or replaced.

5. Train your dog where possible

This tip depends entirely on what you’re trying to capture in the video.

If you’re looking to take record your pup sitting in a park or garden, then it’s important your puppy knows to stay when you move away from them.

Although, in some circumstances, this just adds to the charm of the video by adding an element of humour.

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6. Be open and prepared

The idea you have for the video may not play out in reality as well as you’d have hoped. Your puppy might not be happy in the surroundings you’ve chosen, or the video might simply not be as much of a hit as expected.

It’s also worth having a backup plan when filming to test out different approaches to creating the video.

Showing the different variations to a friend or family member first can help get an unbiased opinion of the short clip.

7. Don’t forget to have fun!

If you’re stressed and not having fun, then your dogs will definitely pick up on that vibe too.

Relax and try to enjoy! Remember, if things really don’t go as planned that everybody enjoys a blooper!  

8. Have a clear idea of what you’re looking to achieve

It’s good to have a narrative in mind before you set out to record a video. What are you looking to capture with the video? What are you hoping to inspire your viewers to do?

Knowing in advance what your aim is will help you capture more valuable footage. 

9. Viewpoints are important

Most dogs will be much smaller in height than the human recording the video.

So you might miss out on lots of details with them being below eye level.

Consider getting the camera at the eye level of your puppy so that you aren’t just capturing the top of their heads.

10. If it’s an unusual place, let them get acquainted

If you’re travelling to a location for recording the video give your pooch plenty of time to explore, sniff and acquaint themselves with their new surroundings.

New smells, sights and sounds can be scary for nervous dogs or young puppies. So, it’s best to give them plenty of time to get used to the new environment (and even the camera) before you press record.

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