What’s changed with Forever Puppy

Improvements that help you sell your puppies

We’ve grown hugely since our launch in July 2021. So, to celebrate our Forever Puppy birthday we have decided to show you all the way that we’ve improved in the last year!

8 changes Forever Puppy has made to improve the puppy selling experience

Forever Puppy is owned by dog enthusiasts who have a long experience of breeding dogs. This allowed a unique insight into the problems and difficulties licenced dog breeders and private puppy sellers face.

We've grown tremendously since our launch, and now get an average of 2,500 website visitors every single day! 

From our first month being live (July 2021) to last month (June 2022), we've seen a 687.35% increase in website users!


  • 1. Added new payment methods

To make it easier to add your puppy selling advert, we added Google and Apple pay as payment methods.

This means you can easily add your puppy adverts without having to hunt for your purse or wallet!

  • 2. You can upload videos to showcase the personality of your puppies

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then videos are worth 100’s of thousands. There’s nothing quite like an adorable video of your puppy litter that puppy buyers can fall in love with.

It also helps you show buyers that your litter of puppies has been raised ethically in a great and loving environment.

Benefits of using videos in your puppy adverts
  • 3. Automatically boost your puppy ads

Using our advert boosts will push your puppy ad to the top of the page on ‘All breeds’. This means that you are much more likely to get interested puppy browsers viewing your dog adverts. You get free puppy advert boosts with every advert that you buy and have the option to buy more.

Well, we’ve invested in our website to give you the option to boost at a time you choose automatically. This means that you can enjoy the perks of boosting at peak times, without the hassle of remembering to manually do it.

  • 4. Puppy Pointers emails to help you sell puppies

    We put together a handy email for our puppy sellers designed to help you sell more dogs. These emails include tips to make the best puppy advert and even interesting insights like peak times of day to boost.

    How to check if a puppy buyer is serious
  • 5. Forever Puppy App launched

Our new app is designed for both puppy buyers and puppy sellers to use. There are some great tools to encourage buyers to purchase one of your puppies such as automatic notifications when a puppy advert matches their search criteria and easier messaging.

It also allows busy licenced puppy breeders to manage their puppy selling adverts on the go and never missing a message from interested buyers.

Learn more about the Forever Puppy app
  • 6. Testimonials page to build trust

We now have a testimonial page to showcase our great customer reviews. These come from both puppy buyers who have found their perfect pet and happy puppy sellers who have sold their litter.

These types of pages help show you value in your paid adverts and help build trust with puppy buyers which makes them more likely to buy your dogs.

5 ways that Forever Puppy protects you
  • 7. Puppy advert types to suit all budgets

You asked for more variety in the puppy for sale adverts and we listened. You can now choose between standard, premium, or premium plus.

All of the adverts run for 12 weeks and come with some free boosts (3 – 18 boosts dependent on advert type). However, the premium versions also have tools to help you stand out against other adverts.

Some of the premium puppy advert tools are eye catching outline and appearing in the featured advert gallery to boost your exposure for 7-14 days.

Puppy selling adverts explained
  • 8. New boost offers

 We’ve added boost offers which make boosting your advert cheaper than ever before. You can now buy 18 boosts for just £25.99, meaning each one is less than £1.45!

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