Dog Firework Safety Guide

how to prepare for success with your pet in firework seasonHow to prep for pet success during firework season

With November 5th getting closer, many pet owners might be dreading it. Fireworks are loud and flashy and can easily scare dogs. 

But fear not—we've put together an easy dog firework safety guide to help your pet through bonfire night. 

firework dog safety guidesIs it normal for dogs to be scared of fireworks?

Many humans will happily watch fireworks in awe. The difference is that we fully understand what they are and that they aren’t trying to hurt us.

With dogs’ natural survival instincts, they might see the same pretty display. For them, the loud bangs, flashes of lights, and smells can be a scary experience.

Not all dogs are as wary of them, but it’s best to take extra care with young puppies who are likely experiencing fireworks for the first time.

Where possible you should try to socialise your puppies as much as possible before bonfire night to help them deal with the new experience. 


Prepping your pet and home for fireworks in advance

1. Check your dog’s microchip details are up to date

Although you should do everything you can to keep your pet inside when fireworks are let off, it’s best to make sure that the details are up to date.

This way if you happen to be walking while a firework is let off early, or if they manage to escape through a back door, you’ll be able to be reunited. 

2. Go for an early walk.

Make sure to give your pets the opportunity to stretch their legs and burn through their energy while it’s still light outside. 

This means that you will hopefully avoid fireworks while out and about. And that when it comes to peak firework time, they’ll hopefully be sleepier and calmer.

3. Research any local fireworks displays

Knowing where and when fireworks will be let off nearby can help you prepare for bonfire night success. 

Take extra precautions if a large firework display is being held close to your home. Where possible, try to soundproof your house. 

You can also plan walks and dinner times around the start times of the fireworks displays. 

4. Move dinner time a little earlier

Taking care to offer your pet their food a little earlier means they’re more likely to actually eat it! A nervous or anxious pet may not feel like eating when the fireworks are being let off.

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5. Secure gates and doors to prevent breakouts

Always make sure doors, gates or any large windows are closed tight. The sudden bangs might make a usually docile pet try to bolt and escape the noise.

6. Act normally!

This is one of the most important tips. Dogs can sense when you’re feeling nervous or frightened, it’s what makes them such wonderful companions.

So acting calm can help reassure your dog that there’s nothing to be afraid of!

7. Close any windows and draw curtains

This helps limit the amount of noise or flashes of light that your pet is exposed to.

It’ll never be enough to completely stop all noise and light, but it can help prevent the worst of it from affecting your pooch. 

8. Prep a space for your dog to retreat

Having a safe dog hideaway spot might help give them somewhere to escape when fireworks are let off. 

It’s better to have it and not need it, than not prep and wish you had prepared something.

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9. Make sure someone is at home with them 

If you or someone they know is there to reassure them that everything is ok, it will go a long way towards easing their stress.

10. Speak with your vet if your dog is particularly anxious

If you have a nervous puppy that you’re worried about, speak with your vet about options that might help ease their fear.

They'll be able to offer you professional advice that's personalised to your dog. Their suggestions could be anything from trying a pheromone plug-in to offering you a prescription.  

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