Do I need a professional dog walker?

All dogs need daily exercise of some sort – are dog walkers worth it?

Whether you’ve got a lovely little Pomeranian or an active Alaskan Malamute, you need to make sure they’re getting the exercise they need!

Some dogs will be more than happy with a little playtime, whereas others crave an active lifestyle with plenty of opportunities to burn through their endless energy.

With more and more people returning to the workplace, the popularity of dog walkers is on the rise.

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What is a professional dog walking service?

Simply put, it’s a service that you can utilise where your pooch gets to stretch their legs (usually during the day) with a professional dog walker.

The professional pet walker is normally experienced and so is able to read the body language of your puppy well to make sure the walks are tailored to them.

For example, some dogs will crave a long and challenging walk whilst other pups might far prefer a little leg stretch.

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Is paying for a dog walker worth it?

It’s become a great option for dog owners who are faced with the dilemma of leaving their dogs home alone all day.

With the rise of dog ownership during the pandemic, many dog owners have never had to face this type of decision before.

Although asking neighbours, friends or family is a great option, it doesn't always work out. 

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Benefits of a professional dog walker

  • You get to make sure your dog gets to stretch their legs while you’re at work.
  • It helps provide physical (and often mental) stimulation to prevent naughty boredom behaviour.
  • It gives them an opportunity for an outdoor bathroom break.
  • You can work without worrying or feeling guilty about leaving your pet at home all day.
  • Many professional dog walkers are experienced and may know alternative routes for your pooch to explore.
  • It can relieve the burden for those with a very busy schedule.
  • If you have an event coming up (like a wedding), using a professional dog walking service short term is a great choice.
  • It’s a great option for those with reduced mobility, whether it’s a temporary or permanent thing.
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Drawbacks to using a dog walker

  • It can be quite costly depending on your dog walking requirements.
  • You’re not there to oversee the service and might not get the effort from your dog walker you need.
  • Different dog walkers will have different skills and training to handle dogs with specific needs or abilities.
  • If your dog is nervous of strangers, they might not be happy to leave your home with them.
  • It means you’ll need to do thorough security checks as you’ll be giving the dog walker a key to your home and access to your pet!
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How much does a dog walking service cost?

There will be a lot of individual differences which affect the price you’ll pay for using a dog walking service.

This includes:
  • Your walking requirements
  • The number of dogs needing walking
  • Your location
  • The dog walker’s experience level
  • Dog walking service chosen

On average, you’re likely looking at between £10 - £20 per walk to use a professional dog walking service.

Different dog walking services

You might find when you start your research that some dog walking services offer things called ‘group walks’ or ‘single dog walks’.

The difference is whether your dog is taken on a solo walk with the dog walker, or whether they’re part of a group of dogs that are taken together.

You’ll need to think about whether your pooch will be happy to walk with other dogs. It might involve some time and training for them to be happy to go on group dog walks.

Naturally, solo dog walks will fetch a higher price than group walks.




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