Best Dog Products That Are Worth It

13 Best dog products that make great gifts for dogs (and their owners)

Any dog owner will know that not all dog products are created equally.

There are some really great inventive and creative gifts for a dog and there are some which fall short.

We’ve put together a handy guide of the best dog products we could find that your pooch will love.

13 Best Pet Products

Our handy list of best dog products covers everything from best puppy products to fun things to keep your dog entertained.

It isn’t a ranked list, so we love all of our 13 best dog products equally!

1. A waterproof dog beds

This is one of the best dog products, particularly when you’re trying to toilet train your puppy!

You’ll find a range of different sizes and quality, from basic up to premium waterproof dog beds.          

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2. A dog poo bag dispenser that attaches to your dog’s lead

Never forget dog food bags again with this handy little dog product. You can refill most dispensers with bags and hook it to the dog leash.

One of the most common ones we found recommended was Earth Rated Leash Dispenser.

3. Slow feeder dog bowls

These are particularly useful if you know you’ll be out for most of the day. Or even if you’re not and you want to try to tackle your puppy’s overeating habits.

There is a range of different versions and products available, make sure to look for sturdy ones that hold plenty of food.

Dog collar with GPS tracker4. Dog collar with tracker

A GPS dog collar is a great idea for dog owners with pets that have a habit of running off.

Not only do they protect your pet because you’ll know where they are, but you’ll also feel more comfortable letting them stretch their legs.

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5. Teething toys for puppies

Just like babies and toddlers having access to teething toys can help encourage constructive chewing.

You'll also find a range of 'cold teethers' which can help your puppy with teething pain. 

6. Dog steps for small dogs

Whether you’ve got a puppy or a small dog, these steps are a great solution for helping them get around your home.

It can help give little dogs or young puppies more confidence as they can move about in your home with ease.

7. Portable dog water bottles

They’re great for encouraging your pet to be hydrated while on the go!

The best ones come with a small space for your dog to lap at the water, rather than having to pour it on the ground or bring a separate bowl.

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8. A dog ball thrower

Most dogs enjoy playing fetch. Dog owners will know that although your pet doesn’t seem to tire, bending down and throwing the pall can tire you out quickly.

These dog ball launchers allow an owner to easily pick the ball up and throw it quite far. Be prepared for a sleepy pooch.

9. Stimulating dog toys

One of the best ways to keep your pooch entertained and mentally stimulated is with clever dog food puzzles.

There are a number of versions and products available in the market, from beginner dog puzzles up to the more advanced.

10. Indestructible dog beds

Having a dog bed which is built to last is great for dogs that are prone to chewing.

You’ll find many products that promote themselves as having unchewable dog beds.

11. Metal Dog food and water bowls

Unlike their plastic dog food bowls, you’ll find that they don’t hold on to odour as much. Something that in the heatwave became even more important!

Often the metal dog water bowls are described as very easy to clean and some even come with a great non-slip bottom.

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12. A secure dog food storage container

There are a few different things you need a good puppy food container to do. Like keeping the dried dog food stored in it fresh and crunchy.

It also needs to be quite secure to make sure that your dog or playful puppy can’t break into it and eat the entire contents!

13. Dog Cooling Mat

I think that the recent heatwaves have really taught us the power of a dog cooling mat.

There are many different options available, from the cheaper B&M pet cooling mat that was super popular to the more advanced ones.

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