Choosing your Forever Puppy

Considerations when picking your puppy

Bringing a new puppy into your life is a huge commitment. But with so many different breeds out there, how do you know which one is right for you and your family?

You may have lots of questions. Do you want a male or female puppy, a large dog or small? What type of temperament?

Although there will always be individual differences. Certain breeds will be far more likely to exhibit certain temperements or prefer certain lifestyles.

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Important considerations when picking a puppy breed

  • Your home environment - some dogs suit flat living whereas others need plenty of space
  • Active lifestyle or not - all dogs need exercise, but some breeds will require more than others.
  • Your schedule - some dogs that will suit a busy schedule, whereas others will be more time consuming. 
  • Confidence as a pet owner. There are some dog breeds which suit first time owners, whereas others will be more demanding and need experienced or confident owners. 
  • Allergies - hypoallergenic dog breeds will suit allergy suffers. Although you should always consult a medical professional first before getting a dog. 
  • Grooming maintenance - some dogs will be high maintenance in the grooming department, needing hours of brushing and combing, while others may need you to pay more attention to their skin folds to help prevent infections.
  • Whether there are children at home- some dogs are boistorous and large and so smaller children are at risk of being knocked over. Whereas other dog breeds might be fragile and need older, more careful children.
  • Existing pets in the household - you'll need to make sure that your new puppy breed is dog-friendly or cat-friendly
Wherever your research takes you, never act on impulse.

Think carefully about the responsibility involved with owning a dog and take your time to read up on all the different breeds.

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