Forever German Shepherds

Looking for a loyal companion who will love a lively lifestyle? Then look no further!

It’s easy to see why German Shepherds are one of the most popular breeds of dogs. They’re an incredibly intelligent breed who love being involved and kept busy. They are a great pet for experienced dog owners.  

Did you know?

They are actually a relatively new breed – the first German Shepherd was born in 1889.


Daily exercise is crucial for this breed (both mental and physical) to help prevent boredom. They are actually the 3rd most intelligent breed (beaten just by Border Collies and Poodles), so it’s not hard to see why they have such a strong ‘working dog’ image.

They have a long history of their intelligence being utilised such as:
  • Guide Dogs

Being the first breed to train as guide dogs for the visually impaired. Although most people typically think of a Labrador or Golden Retriever when they think of a guide dog, ‘The Seeing Eye’ first looked to this beautiful breed to help.

  • Multiple roles during WW1 and WW2

They were tasked as rescue dogs, personal guards, message deliverers and were looked at to warn soldiers of hidden traps or hazards. Some were even taught to parachute from an aircraft!

  • There was even a sport which was created specifically for this breed.

Originating in the 1900’s, ‘Schutzhund’ consists of several tasks designed to identify untrainable dogs. In fact, very few breeds even have the capability to participate.

Thanks in part to Hollywood fame this breed has had, most people associate the breed with the typical dark or tan and black colour. However, there are actually 11 recognised colours, including black and red, blue, and sable!


This colourful coat needs a lot of grooming and an owner with a great vacuum. Their nickname ‘German Shedder’ derives from them being a double coated breed. This double coat helps the breed endure all sorts of elements, but means you need to invest time in grooming your German Shepherd regularly.


Things to bear in mind…
  • They are not suitable to be left alone for a long time. They can become bored and anxious and start barking unnecessarily, chewing and digging at property.
  • They can often be considered as aloof and suspicious of strangers. This is where socialising puppies with different experiences, places and people at a young age is important.
Overall, if you do decide to go with a German Shepherd pup, you’ll be getting a furry friend who will return any love invested back in spades.

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