Best Hypoallergenic dogs │Small - Large dogs great for allergies

Looking for a pooch that doesn’t set off your allergies?

We’ve put together a list of small, medium, and large dogs for allergy suffers. They’re made up of adorable hypoallergenic and non-shedding dog breeds.

Did you know?

People aren’t actually allergic to the fur of their pet but typically to the dander (dried flakes) from their pet’s skin.

How can dogs be 'hypoallergenic'?

Something is called ‘hypoallergenic’ if it contains fewer allergens (allergy-producing substances). In terms of a dog breed being hypoallergenic, it simply means that they don’t shed, or shed very little.

Shedding less causes fewer allergic reactions because less ‘dander’ is released into the air.  Although. no dog breed is 100% hypoallergenic, we’ve put together a list for the best dogs for allergy sufferers.

Small hypoallergenic dog breeds -


Medium dogs that are great for allergies -


Large hypoallergic breeds -


Tips to help dog allergy sufferers

  • Bathe your pet weekly

This then results in less dander build-up on their skin.

  • Where possible, keep your dog out of your bedroom.

This is because you tend to spend long periods of time there.

  • Keep your pet off furniture (especially fabric chairs or sofas).

Fabric furniture will hold onto dander for longer periods of time. Alternatively, make sure to clean and hoover them often. This will result in fewer dander being held onto long-term.

  • Choose carpet-free flooring where possible.

Shampooing any carpeted surfaces regularly will also minimise allergic reactions.

  • Consider smaller breeds

Opting for a smaller dog might help as they tend to shed less dander than a larger dog.

  • Use a HEPA air purifier

They will work to remove more dander from the air.

Hopefully these tips and our list of dogs that are better suited to allergies helps you find your Forever Puppy. 

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