3 Benefits to using videos in your adverts

When selling your puppy with us, we offer you a variety of tools to help you reach the right buyer, such as adding videos! 

Adding videos to your adverts is not required, unlike adding pictures of the puppies and the puppies with the mothers, but we think it's just as important!

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Video ads can tell a better story

Uploading videos can help you tell the buyer the story of your puppy!

What this means is that the buyer can see exactly the types of conditions that the dog what brought up in, which will help build the trust between you and the buyer from the get-go!

Through videos, they are also able to see if they're regularly socialised, be it with people, or the other dogs in the litter.

10 tips on how to record a great video!

Video can show your dog's personality and temperament

A puppy's temperament is an essential factor that buyers consider when choosing their new family member.

Some families would like to have a dog that has a calm, relaxed personality to them, whilst others would like to have an energetic puppy that is full of energy to go for regular walks!

Adding a video to your advert will help showcase the personality and temperament in more detail, instead of just showing still images.

People are more likely to share video ads

People online love to watch videos, and they also like to share good content!

Adding a cute or funny video of the dog to your advert can increase the chances of users sharing the video and the advert with their friends, and on social media.

This can increase the views of your advert, and also increase the chances of you selling your puppies!


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