What should I call my new puppy?

Choosing a name for your dog is a big decision

After all, it’s the name you’ll be calling your pooch for years go. It should fit your furry friend’s personality and be something you’re happy to yell in public.

So, we have scoured comparison sites, news articles and even pet charities to create a list of the most popular dog names for you to choose from.

Forever Puppy’s top 10 dog names

1. Bella

2. Bear

3. Ruby

4. Alfie

5. Buddy

6. Max

7. Archie

8. Hugo

9. Roxy

10. Teddy

What you need to know before offering a dog a home

Did you know?

According to Compare the Market, the name ‘Bella’ was the most popular dog name chosen for 9 of the 100 breeds surveyed. Including Labrador, Pug and Boxers.

Top 10 movie-themed dog names

1. Arlo (The Good Dinosaur)

2. Marty (Back to the Future)

3. Wednesday (The Addams Family)

4. Atticus (To Kill a Mockingbird)

5. Dory (Finding Nemo)

6. Olaf (Frozen)

7. Katniss (The Hunger Games)

8. Thor (Avengers)

9. Yoda (Star Wars)

10. Padfoot (Harry Potter)

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Tips for picking the perfect name for your dog

1. Choose a distinct name

Dogs learn their names from training and conditioning as they aren’t verbal beings like humans. So, it’s important to pick a name that doesn’t sound like any other command as this could confuse them.

For example, ‘Kay’ may sound like ‘Stay’ to your dog, or even ‘Smitt’ and ‘Sit’.

2. Keep it simple

Choosing a long or complicated name can make it harder for your pooch to learn it. Short names mean that you are able to pronounce it quicker which means an overall shorter response time.

3. Make sure the name suits your pet

Names will naturally carry a stereotype associated with them. It’s important to make sure the name you choose always reflects the personality of your puppy and what you want to portray. For example, ‘Brute’ carries with it a negative stereotype.

4. Test it out first

It’s important to test out the name to make sure you like it, and it feels like a good fit for your furry friend. Once you are happy with it you can then start helping your dog learn their name.

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