Top 10 Perfect Dog Gifts for Christmas

Don’t leave your furry friends out this Christmas.

A recent survey found 98% of dog owners counted their dogs as family. So, it’s not surprising that the Dog present industry is booming.

We've put together a handy dog Christmas present guide below - full of presents that your dog will love.

Dog Christmas Gifts Ideas

  1. Dog Christmas Stockings

There are hundreds of options for picking a pre-made dog Christmas stocking from most popular pet suppliers. They’re usually filled with small toys and dog-friendly treats.

Alternatively, why not make your own? You can pick up your dog’s favourite items and put together a lovely, personalised gift for them.

  1. Pet Hamper

Hampers make lovely gifts for pets at Christmas as they allow you to add in larger items that might not fit in a Christmas stocking.

Ideas for things you could include are new water bottles, tasty dog-friendly treats and a festive themed squeaky toy.


  1. Personalised Dog Gifts

Nothing shows your pet matters like putting their name on something. From personalised dog bowls to personalised pet blankets. You can now put your pets name on nearly anything!

  1. Festive Fashion Pieces

A new jumper or coat is a perfect way to celebrate the season and keep your puppy warm this Winter. You can get everything from a little Santa coat to a more muted plaid waistcoat.

Many suppliers also produce ear warmers and festive Santa Hats for dogs. Although, always make sure your pet is comfortable with wearing them. Never force them.


  1. A Snazzy Reflective Collar

This perfect dogs Xmas present idea not only allows you to spoil your dog but to also keep them safe in the dark.

With it getting dark in the late afternoon already, it’s a great gift to keep your pet seen on their walks.


  1. Warm Dog Blankets or Heated Pet Beds

Either of these make an ideal present for puppies as they make sure that your little furry friend keeps warm in the colder evenings.

Your pet will thank you for giving them a warm, thick blanket to cuddle up on. With heated beds, it’s important to always monitor them to make sure your pet is safe.


  1. Festive Fun Toys

A ball in the shape of a sprout or a chew toy shaped like a turkey. The dog gift industry is very creative in providing toys for dogs to get involved in the Christmas fun.


  1. Matching Christmas Pyjamas

Why leave your dog out in the matching family pyjamas. Large retailers are now providing matching options for your dogs to wear.

Think of what a lovely family photo this would make


  1. Doggy Advent Calendar

It’s not too late to grab a dog Christmas advent calendar. Let them join in the daily fun of opening a door for a treat.


  1. Automatic Pet Feeders

With dog owners attending Christmas parties and other gatherings, it might mean that your pooch is home alone more.

Automatic pet feeders are a great way to make sure your dog doesn’t miss out on their routine. You can set them to offer your dog more food at set intervals or times.

Don’t forget to share the love with gifts for dog owners that you know!

If you aren’t sure what to buy as a Christmas gift for pet owners, then vouchers go a long way. Pets at Home vouchers are often a popular gift as they provide such a huge range of items.


We hope you have a Merry Forever Puppy Christmas.




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