How to be scam aware when selling your puppy

Looking for puppy buyer tips to avoid scams instead?

Being scam aware when selling dogsTips for being scam aware when selling your puppy litter

We want to warn our Forever Puppy community to be on their guard against common scams that are doing the rounds on pet-selling websites in the lead-up to Christmas.

Here at Forever Puppy, we do our very best to prevent fraudsters from using our site, but financial scams are often very sophisticated and tricky to spot.

So, whether you are buying or selling, please keep yourselves safe from criminals by being Scam Aware while using the Forever Puppy site.

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How to be scam aware for dog sellersHow to be scam aware when you're selling your puppies

We want you to protect yourself against online fraud by being on your guard and asking yourself one simple question – is the person messaging me legitimate?

Below are a few tips to help keep our Forever Puppy community safe from scams.

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Keep messaging in Forever Puppy1. Keep all messaging within Forever Puppy

We urge our sellers to keep all messaging activity with buyers on the website and not to take your chats off-site onto Email or WhatsApp. This will help keep you safer in the Forever Puppy community.

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2. Beware of buyers offering cheques as payment

We particularly urge sellers to beware of buyers offering to issue a cheque as a means of deposit or payment.

They may claim to have a technical problem with their user account on the site and ask you to email them with your details.

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Watch out for buyers who won't make the time to visit or video call3. Watch out for buyers who won't make the time to visit/video call

Beware of potential buyers who are too busy to visit you in your home or who do not wish to engage in a video call to see the puppy they are so eager to buy. 

They should be happy to answer your questions about their home environment and about their interest and knowledge about the breed.

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4. Upload images directly onto your advert

If a potential buyer wants more pictures of a puppy, upload them onto the image section of your advert. This way not only will potential buyers see more images of your puppy litter, but it also protects you as a seller. 

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