Which Puppy Is Perfect For You?

How to choose the perfect dog breed for you

A recent survey found that 98% of dog owners consider them to be members of their family.

To make sure that your new family member fits in well, you need to consider which breed is right for you.

Breed requirement differences:

  • Level of exercise needed
  • Amount of space required (e.g. garden size)
  • How much of your time they need.
  • Companionship preference (lapdogs versus independent dogs)

Picking the perfect pooch

It's crucial to find the right canine - for you and for them. Buying a dog should always be something that you research fully and consider before acting. 

Here are Forever Puppy we are passionate about educationg dog lovers so that they can give their pets the best life possible. We've put together some handy dog breed guides to help you figure out which breed suits your lifestyle. 

Fun quizzes to help you pick a puppy breed 
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