Top Tips to Keep your Puppy Protected in the Garden

Garden Safety

Make sure your dog is safe in the garden by ensuring their space outside is enclosed and prevents them wandering away from home.

Remember that dogs and little puppies are marvellous at wriggling through gaps and leaping over tops of boundaries. They are particularly cute when it comes to burrowing their way out under fences too!

There are other hazards in the garden that are worth a mention:

  • Spent fireworks 

Beware of used and discarded fireworks that may be laying around your garden after a summer party. These fireworks contain hazardous chemicals which may result in vomiting, diarrhoea, tummy upset or even seizures, breathing problems and organ problems.

  • Stings and bites

Your dog can suffer from an insect sting or bite in much the same way as their owners. A sign that your dog has been stung is redness, pain and swelling in the location of the sting.

  • Barbecues

Barbecues pose a real danger to dogs for a number of reasons. Be careful not to allow your dog to get too close to the heat of the barbecue, or to potentially hazardous kebab skewers and sharp bones.

  • Water dangers

Most dogs love water - especially in hot weather when a dip in a cool pond provides a wonderful reprieve to the heat of the summer sun. If you have a pond or a water feature in your garden, make sure it is safe for your dog and doesn’t pose a drowning danger to your pet.

Behave as you would with children around a water feature and fence off the pond if you have any safety concerns.

Ponds are also home to algae which can produce toxins which may be harmful. The blue-green algae can cause a range of effects on your pouch such as vomiting, diarrhoea, twitching and even breathing problems.

If you have any concerns about your dog's health, please contact your vet for advice. 

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