Barking up the right tree: Why Forever Puppy is the best place to find a puppy

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If you’re looking for a new puppy, you’ve come to the right place. Forever Puppy is the top destination for finding the perfect furry friend. 

Whether you’re looking for a pedigree pup or a beautiful mixed breed, we’ve got you covered. 

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Using our website to find the perfect puppy for sale

Find the perfect puppy for saleSo, you’ve browsed our dog rehoming and puppies for sale adverts and found the right fit. What comes next?

Before committing to purchase, you should always do plenty of research to make sure the dog breed you’ve chosen suits your lifestyle. For example, dog breeds that suit an active family or hypoallergenic dog breeds for allergy sufferers.

Once you’re happy it’s the perfect puppy for you, the next step is to speak to our licenced breeders and dog sellers. You can use your account to message them about questions you have about your puppy and they can do the same about you.

It’s normal for sellers to ask for a deposit, but make sure you follow our advice on how best to avoid puppy scams.

Why is Forever Puppy the number 1 choice for buying a puppy?

  • Wide range of puppy breeds

Forever Puppy is proud to have a diverse selection of dog breeds to browse. So whether you’re looking for a small lap dog or a large working breed, you’re sure to find the perfect match for you!

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  • We prioritise responsible breeding practices

As dog lovers, we do everything we can to create a community of ethical and responsible dog breeders and buyers.

This includes regularly promoting this message on multiple channels, producing information, and monitoring the number of adverts private sellers post.

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  • First-class customer service

When it comes to customer service, Forever Puppy stands out from the rest. Our staff are friendly, helpful, and happy to answer any questions you may have.

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  • Expert advice on everything dog related!

We also produce regular resources designed to educate and help our lovely users. This is done to help ensure that puppies have a smooth transition into their forever home.

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  • We listen to feedback

We really do listen to your feedback. This is why we’ve implemented website changes to make a better puppy buying and selling experience. 

We’ve even released a new app to make messaging easier, and you can even save a search to get notified when new puppy adverts meet your criteria!

Available puppies for saleReady to find your Forever Puppy?

We currently have over 2300 puppy adverts including dog rehoming! From cute Cockerpoos for sale to magnificent Miniature Dachshund puppies for sale, we’ve got you covered. 

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