Preparing for your forever puppy

All puppies must be at least 8 weeks old before they are legally allowed to leave for their forever homes.  

Once you have chosen your new forever puppy, it can seem like a long wait before they start their new life with you, but there is plenty for you to do to prepare for your new arrival.

Here is a useful checklist of the basics:

Choose a bed big enough for your puppy to stretch out comfortably and allow for growth. Most good pet retail stores will stock a range of different types. A good tip is to buy two so you can wash them regularly.

One each for food and water. Buy the non-slip type to avoid spillages.

Make sure your puppy’s toys are suitable for their age and size. Choose carefully and remember that small toys may be a choking hazard. Chew toys are a favourite as these are durable and help to keep your puppy’s teeth clean.

Travel Carrier
Transport your puppy safely and securely in a travel crate.

Puppy play-pen
A play-pen may be useful for when you have to go out and leave your puppy alone for a short time. Be sure to buy one large enough for when your puppy grows into a full size dog and ensure your puppy has had a wee and a poo before settling down in the pen. It is recommended that you do not leave your puppy in the pen for more than a couple of hours during the daytime and never use it as a punishment ‘sin-bin’. You should always remove your puppy's collar when in the pen in case it gets caught.

There are a huge range of dog and puppy items on the market today and most good dog retail centres will stock a selection. Among other items for you to consider are collars, leads, poo bags, dog grooming kit and dental care.

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