Forever Yorkshire Terrier

A toy breed companion dog with unwavering loyalty

This Yorkshire Terrier (often nicknamed ‘Yorkie’) is a little dog with plenty of personality. Although they’re only little (weighing up to 3.2kg usually) they’re well known for being playful and feisty.

As long as a Yorkie gets plenty of exercise in the form of short walks or playtimes, they are quite well suited to living in a flat.

Although they are prone to being quite yappy, so you may annoy your neighbours.


Did you know?

Although they are frequently sighted at popular dog shows, their origins were actually far less glamorous. They were originally used to catch rats and vermin in underground tunnels.

What does a Yorkie look like?

They are classified as ‘Toy’ dogs due to their small size. Although they’re usually very playful, they are usually more suited to families with older children due to their tiny stature. This small puppy can be quite fragile and can easily be injured by excited smaller children.

The British Kennel Club recognises 8 breed standard colours, including:

  • Black and Tan,
  • Steel Blue,
  • and Steel Grey and Tan.

They are well known for their luxurious locks. Their coats are very similar to human hair, so they don’t shed as much. This makes them a great choice for dog allergy sufferers as they are called a hypoallergenic dog breed.  

It might be surprising with all the hair, but Yorkshire Terriers are very prone to getting chills and really hate the cold. Read our Guide on Winter Safety for Dogs on tips to keep your Yorkie warm.

Grooming a Yorkie

As their coats are similar to human hair, when left very long, they can be prone to tangles and breakages. A Yorkshire Terrier owner should be brushing out their dog’s coat at least daily, with regular grooming with a professional.

Did you know?

A Yorkie called ‘Smoky’ is thought to have been the first therapy dog where he visited injured soldiers. He has been hailed as a war hero after saving the lives of several soldiers by dragging cables through a small opening. There are even several memorials dedicated to celebrating this doggy war hero.


Many breeders will actually recommend a shorter cut for Yorkshire Terriers. This makes their coat much easier to handle in terms of grooming requirements. The shorter cut is often referred to as a ‘puppy cut’.

Temperament of a Yorkshire Terrier

They have a confident manner usually but can initially find a big city daunting. However, well socialised, and trained Yorkie puppies will usually be happy to live in an urban environment.

They make loving companions and end up with undying loyalty to their owners. This can make them quite protective dogs who will bark at any sign of trouble. Although, your definition of trouble and your Yorkie pup’s definition might differ dramatically.

As they form such strong bonds, they will usually be quite jealous of any unknown or new dogs that enter the home. If they have been raised with other cats and dogs, Yorkshire Terrier as a dog breed usually gets along well with other household pets.

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If you’re a new dog owner, Yorkie puppies are a good option for you. They will generally be easy to train, although you may find house training them difficult.  This is pretty typical for a ‘Toy’ breed anyway. We’ve covered some tips for providing positive puppy training.

Did you know?

Although a Cairn Terrier breed is used for Toto in the film ‘The Wizard of Oz’ – the first edition copies of the book actually feature an illustration of Toto as a Yorkie!


If you have a busy lifestyle and are usually out of the house for most of the day, then you’ll need to make sure you have someone to keep your Yorkie company. They hate being left alone and can be susceptible to separation anxiety.

Tips to help your dogs with separation anxiety
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