Forever Doberman

Looking for a protective and fiercely loyal puppy?

The Doberman breed may be perfect for you. Due to their strong and muscular bodies, they are often considered to be quite a fierce dog. However, with the appropriate training and socialisation they are often very mild-mannered and calm pets.

Naturally, they will need a larger home with space to roam (and plenty of exercise!). Due to their size, typically they’re not recommended for new owners or families with very young children. However, with the assistance of an accredited trainer, even the most inexperienced dog owner can become a confident companion.

A Doberman’s appearance

They have a muscular and elegant body which is paired with striking facial features. Although it is illegal to crop their ears to have them stood up, many owners still carry this out to give them an even more fierce appearance.

The British Kennel Club recognises many breed standard colours including:
  • Black and Rust Red
  • Cream and White
  • Isabella and Rust Red

They have a short coat which doesn’t need much upkeep, just regular brushing. Using a rubber brush or grooming mitt will help make sure their coat retains its normal sheen.

Did you know?

The Doberman’s name actually derives from a German tax collector (Louis Dobermann) who used the dog for protection.


Training your puppy

As many other intelligent breeds, they need to be mentally and physically stimulated to avoid them being bored. They will thank you for ongoing, reward-based training to keep their minds sharp.

To ensure that your Doberman puppy grows up to be a well-rounded and calm-mannered canine, it’s important to socialise them young. Exposing them to new experiences will mean that they grow up to be more peaceful pets.

Bonding with your Doberman

They will enjoy being involved in everything that their owners are doing. Whether that’s outdoor exercise, training or travelling.

Did you know?

Even though they have a tough looking exterior, Doberman’s are actually quite sensitive to the cold!


They will become strongly attached to their owners and because of this, rarely do well being left alone. If left alone, they can display quite destructive behaviour. It’s recommended to have someone check in on them if they will be left by themselves for a period of time.

A Doberman’s working history

As they are a loyal, intelligent, and obedient breed, the breeds history has a lot of experience as a working breed. Including during combat in World War 2 and also recently as guard dogs, police dogs and often trained by the army.

Did you know?

It’s thought that up to 75% of the working dogs used during WW2 were actually Dobermans!


Overall, this fiercely loyal dog makes a great canine companion. Especially for those with an active lifestyle who are looking for their perfect puppy partner.

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