Summertime Safety Tips

Summertime Safety Tips

Summer is here at last! The new season means longer days, warmer weather, and (hopefully!) some lovely spells of sunshine.

But as we all plan to spend more time outdoors with family and friends, there are some things to consider when venturing outside with your puppy or dog.

  • Overheating

Dogs can find it very difficult to cool down – it’s important to try to make your dog as comfortable and cool as possible.

  • Sunburn

Did you know that dogs can also get sunburnt? Dogs with shorter, thinner, or lighter coloured coats are at the biggest risk!

  • Hydration

While you’re staying hydrated in the sun, you need to make sure that your pet is doing the same.

  • Poisons

Many things that are commonplace in our gardens, can pose a risk to our pets! You need to be vigilant and make sure your puppies aren’t eating anything that they shouldn’t.

  • Garden safety

Dogs are curious by nature. While it’s good for them to explore, you need to make sure that they aren’t exposed to hazards in the garden.

  • Water dangers

Ponds can sometimes be harmful to our furry friends. Things like algae can produce toxins which might harm them.

  • Car journeys

Being stuck in a car with no open windows can feel like a sauna. In hot weather, you should always take care when inviting your puppy to tag along in the car.

Please check out some of our other blogs where we cover how to keep pets safe in the sun, tips for travelling with your pet, garden safety tips and commonplace items which are poisonous to our pets in more detail.

And remember – if you have any concerns about your pet, please contact your vet for advice.


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