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About the Boston Terrier dog breedThis friendly, intelligent, and quirky dog is a great choice for novice dog owners. They're typically easy to manage with both training and grooming. 

It might be a surprise to current Boston Terrier owners, but they were actually bred originally to be fighting dogs.

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What do Boston Terriers look like?

They’re well known for their tuxedo-like markings, earning them the nickname “American Gentlemen”.

Although they’re most commonly found in black and white markings, there are actually 5 breed standard colours. Including seal and white and brindle and white. There are also non-breed standard colours too which Kennel Club specify as blue and white, and red and white.

However, unlike other dog breeds, you won’t see them in a solid colour. They’ll always have their traditional tuxedo markings regardless of colouring.

What does a Boston Terrier puppy look like?What size is a Boston Terrier?

They’re the smallest breed of “Bull” (dogs with Bulldog blood). Today you’ll find that they range between 20 - 38 cm in height, weighing usually between 6kgs and 11.5kgs.

However, the Boston Terrier today is much smaller than its original ancestors. Until they were bred smaller, you’d usually see the dogs weighing over 20kgs.

Thanks to their size and adaptability, they’re actually well suited for flat living as long as they are given plenty of opportunity to exercise.

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Did you know?

A Boston Terrier was actually named after the city where they were developed, Boston. 

Grooming a Boston Terrier

Generally speaking, they’re generally easy to groom. Although they do shed, it’s minimal compared to other breeders. It can also be kept under control with regular brushing to remove the dead fur.

However extra care should be taken with their faces. Their large, prominent eyes need to be protected with daily face washing. It’s important to monitor their eyes for any signs of irritation as it can quickly become a problem. 

What is a Boston Terrier like?What is a Boston Terrier’s temperament like?

This companion dog breed is incredibly affectionate and friendly. As long as they get plenty of attention from their owners, they’re generally happy in most homes.

They make a good dog breed option for those needing a pet that’s dog-friendly or kid-friendly. The problem with their friendliness is that they make pretty rubbish guard dogs.

This lively little dog will need plenty of mental and physical stimulation to prevent boredom. Generally, they’re quite easy to train and are often described as gentle and typically quiet.

On the other hand, many owners will often tell you that their dogs can also be quite strong-willed and prone to wandering off. So you’ll definitely need plenty of patience and a strong garden fence if you’re looking to buy a Boston Terrier.

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Did you know?

Missie, a Boston Terrier, was the most successful dog clairvoyant of all time. Although unexplained, she was successful in predicting the results of sporting events, US president predictions, guessing the sex/weight of babies and even the date/time of her own death!

Boston Terrier breed informationWhat dog owners aren’t Boston Terriers good for?

If you’re expecting to not be around much, or not have time to give them plenty of love and attention then they might not be for you. They have a fairly high need for social time and attention.

Boston Terriers are famous for farting. So keep that in mind when you’re considering taking a Boston Terrier puppy home. You need to be prepared to deal with gassy cuddles.

As with most short-nosed dogs, they can be more susceptive to heat stress which can attract vet bills. However, as long as you’re aware of the issues this can mostly be avoided.

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Finding your Forever Puppy

It’s ok if a Boston Terrier isn’t the right dog breed for you. It’s important to make sure you fully research a dog breed before committing to purchase a puppy. 

This helps make sure that it’s a good fit for both dog-parent and puppy alike. You can get more information about dog breeds by using our Forever Breed guides

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